Currently reading – The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

You know when people say taking the first step is the hardest, or the first sentence is the hardest to type.  In case you were wondering and had no firsthand experience, they are right when they say that.  I can talk a million words a minute and think as such, but when I stare at my screen I have this deer in the headlight look.  I have been told by countless people, mostly my family (totally unbiased I know) that I can tell some interesting tales about my life.  Now that I think about it, am not sure that was a compliment or something to tell me to give my life a look over.  Regardless, with every New Year comes a new set goal to break.  Well so here it is ramblings of my life, at least an attempt to ramble about it.

Apparently it is hard to walk after a few steps and sentences as well.  I guess I should tell you a little bit about where this great personality hails from.  I come from the land of many gods, land of milk and honey, land of spicy and fragrant food. Ok still don’t get it?  India, yes the beautiful country, overpopulated but beautifully overpopulated.  I have been here in USA for more of my life till now than I have been in India.  Let’s not get in to the whole age thing; you know I might just lose my motivation to write the post further. 

So as I write this I am thinking wait, I am no famous brown person and why would someone want to read my mind ramblings.  Do people have enough time to read their own mind ramblings?  Oh well read or not that shouldn’t stop one from writing.  So I migrated here from a very young age I would say prior to hitting my teens.  Overall I consider myself very lucky to come from a naturally weird family, this can also be a bad thing in a way because it really confuses you.  The whole society has this conception of how Indian people are and how our upbringing is.  When you say no that is not me; they turn around to question if I am really Indian or not.  It has been nothing less than an adventure coming to the USA in the early 90’s and growing up here. 

I have been a very punctual person (apart from when it comes to posting on blogs), so I was born right on the date that the doctor said I would. I saw no reason of robbing this world of my presence any further so had to make sure I was prompt.  I only know of what I was like a child from what my mum tells me (who I very dearly also refer to as Mother India).  She has mentioned it several times what a chubby, plump little kid I was, one who almost always fell over trying to look up.  Well more about life with future posts.  Can’t give it all up in the initial one, so must leave now as my wonderful cortado awaits….

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