Second weekend already?

Serene Saturdays, such a lovely day it was today, sunshine after what seems like forever.  The days are getting a bit longer and maybe a little warmer, being optimistic here.  When you sit down and start typing about your life, It really does make you think about how you have spent it.  At times it also makes you feel like you are so lucky that you had the life you did.  Childhood overall wasn’t a bad experience at all, I come from a family where life surrounds around food.  My grandfather was the guy who started making eye liners and bindis from our old house and started a whole business from it.  So I guess I do come from a very entrepreneurial family, who obviously like to eat and throw parties.  I should say life earlier was a very privileged life, being in India you have your servants, drivers, cooks, private schools.  The joy of having hot lunches sent from home just for you, where most of the school knows you.  All the teachers knew your family and you were the principle’s pet.  Of course all the feeding and such does make one look rather plump and “cute” as they put it.  Because if you are more “healthier” than your classmates and towards to obese side, you are then labeled as being “cute”.  Not to mention people think you are rather funny too when you are on the other end of the weighing scale.  Because no matter what you say it comes out funny from your mouth.  So The pros and cons of being from a highly influential as well as well to do family is that you are constantly fed and then there is pressure to keep up with the standards of your family.  Regardless, you must be wondering why I bring up this weight issue here.  I think because the weight and self-image is what has been a hindrance in the dating scene.  Well that and the lack of smart guys in the world.  Well more about the start of my love life in the next post.  As of now, I need to go pray and bother the big guy…

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