Acid rain…

I picked up the book last night and was able to read a whole of three pages before I got distracted again.  It has been raining here in the area, well not rain actually they are small acidic droplets that wipes out the part of brain that hold driving ability.  I don’t understand how people forget how to drive all of a sudden the minute it rains.  I am so ready and waiting for spring, I am thinking of hunting down Phill the groundhog if he sees his shadow this year.  The weather has been so off that it makes dealing with a guy actually somewhat normal. 

So if it wasn’t completely obvious I come from an Indian household.  So obviously when we were younger our prime goal was to make sure we all come out as engineers, doctors or some sort of what they deem as a “prestigious” profession.  Wait you want to be a Chef? Artist? Painter?  Nope can’t do, that is not what is going to make money.  That is of course you are a girl and marry a well off guy then sure you can pursue your artistic passions.  If you are the prodigal son or a guy period in an Indian household you better not have any artistic incline, unless you want to follow it as a passion.  Some are there who really take it on and do what they want to and are successful.  If you think about it, India is so vibrant, so colorful, and full of art.  There is creativity flowing everywhere.  If you look at our movie sets you will see the richness there, but sad that we are advanced yet we are not. 

Well that was the study part, but what I wanted to say before I got carried away with the whole career thing was that.  Every guy in school was your brother and that you are just there to study and not think other thoughts.  Obviously times have changed and nobody actually followed that when we were in school.  This brings me to my first crush that I had back in India.  Heck I am sure he is not going to remember me so am going to use his real name.  His name was Sanju, and looks wise if I think now, man I had a bad choice.  But he could definitely sing, he had an amazing voice; such amazing was his voice that I slipped while listening to him once in rehearsal.  Obviously that was enough for him to think he was some sort of Bollywood Khan’s.  That has been the most common problem with Indian guys, the minute they think the girl is interested in them; they automatically think they are superior and if I could explain the smug face.  I think I will only have that face when I actually hit the Mega Millions jackpot.  Chill dude, who knows when you really open your mouth or go out with me; I might doubt my own choices.  But that was my first crush where I made a complete fool out of myself. Well later about my crushes and my weight issues.  For now I have to actually do some work 😉 

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