The joy of being a woman…well Indian woman

My  body is still recovering from the sickness last week and my mind catching up after the holidays.  The dating scene currently looks pretty dim, though I do have an Indian dude on Match who is totally trying to act cool.  Like OMG I went to NY for NYE’s I am way cooler than you are.  I am sure that is not what he is thinking, but in my mind I think he is thinking that.  Because I don’t know what kind of a deal is this with guys to actually read the message but not reply back for a day.  I mean do you really want to feel so important in life just by pretending to be busy?  It is very hard to understand men but harder to understand Indian men I think. 

When I initially started my cycle, in India they teach you to be so secretive about it.   Like guys shouldn’t know that you are on your period or that buying sanitary napkins or things were considered a hush hush thing.  You hide and walked from the drugstore like you were doing a walk of shame.  Well after moving here it was nothing like that, you know more open and all.  But last night, I had a flashback moment.  I went to Walmart to pick up a box, there I see this Indian guy giving me this look.  The look that I am not holding a box of tampons but a bomb that is about to diffuse itself.   I so wanted to take the box and tell him YES I am PMSING and yes this is what you think it is, and haven’t you been taught not to mess with a woman when she is hormonal.  But all that obviously just happened in my head.  But seriously guys grow up some of you really need a reality check.  

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