Mourday – Monday on a Thursday

I am not sure how many people can have a Monday on a Thursday, but I totally did today.  I guess its been a busy week, well busy short week.  There are also days that a cup of coffee can teach you some important lessons in life.  So I woke up this morning put my pot on for coffee, come out again to get the coffee *DOH* I forgot to add coffee grounds, well you need that kind of to make coffee.  So all I had was hot water, so I decided to go for round 2.  I added the rounds and turned the machine on.  Came back to check if it was done, well yes Einstein you need to add water to the thing, since all the water came out earlier.  This clearly explains I can’t function without caffeine, well more like my brain cells were frozen due to the cold.  Third time was a charm, if I say so myself I made some awesome coffee, put it in my to-go mug (beautiful mandala design orange one) on my way to work.  So of course I had about ten bags in my hand so I left the mug on top of my car.  I never knew I was such an awesome driver, because I managed to keep it on top for a whole five minutes and then I turned.  I heard a loud bham and there was my mug on the road. Well if it wasn’t the coffee the noise surely woke me up.  I think mother earth needed it more than I did today.  The lesson learned today was that I just wasn’t meant to have coffee from home; no matter what I tried I had to fail. But then was it all my thinking that caused this to happen?  I mean I have thought it so many times when I put my cup up on the car that I might forget it one of these days.  So did my thinking actually cause the situation to happen?  Or is the lesson that no matter what and how hard you try what is destined to happen will happen. 

See this is where I and my bestie have the most interesting and sometimes conflicting conversations.  Do we really create our own reality?  How deeply are we affected with our thinking in our day to day life?  I think a lot of my relationship issues and stuff has to do with the thoughts and feelings that were embedded in my subconcious while I was a kid.  I hope no psychologist or shrink is reading this blog, I am sure to get an email for therapy.  But it is a interesting thing, more about that next entry.  I have to work so I can pay for the good dinners and awesome coffee.  One more day to Friday and long weekend YAYY!! Maybe I will post a recipe on my other blog 😉 Oh and I do have a Match event to go to later in the evening, there will be a lot of venting to do after that one.  

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