Post Match event apocalypse

I wake up most days dancing, but on Friday’s I have a special dance.  I think it deserves its own dance, but this morning when I woke up to do my little thingamajig; well let’s say I didn’t move at all.  We did the second day of our 30 day beach body challenge yesterday, and let me tell you it hurts.  I am not going to go in to details about all we did, wouldn’t want you to feel all left out from it.  But I am truly grateful for the people at work, never been blessed enough to be working with such like minded folks.  All things apart it is a good burn, and took me a while but dance I did.  I truly believe that everything in this world can be cured with a good cup of coffee and dancing it out. 

The event last night hmmm…well wasn’t worth the spanx is the easiest way to put it.  First of all it was in downtown and I had the hardest time finding parking there.  I am not sure how to put it in a nice way, but I ended up making a new friend.  It is always a girl who comes to another girls rescue when the potential men crowd is well *thinking of a way to putting it nicely* not appropriate.  The wine though however was very good at the place, and there were these awesome cookies there.  Yeah I kind of forgot event was to meet single men and not eat and drink, but a girl has her priorities.  I am not sure if the guys these days just forgot manners, or how to dress.  Do they not know how to talk anymore?  There was this guy who kept on talking about how he just got back from India.  How he loves to travel, blurted out a few names in India where he was.  Checked his “work” email a few times while we were chatting, of course he is so wanted and busy.  While I checked my phone and nothing, usually the phone is off the hook with messages.  Well oh did I mention the cheese was good too?  So not bad for Thursdays, I did learn a few things about wine.   I can share that in a later post, like the seed of the grape is called a pip.  Oh well its Friday, instead of dissecting the wine I plan to actually mash it in a glass and drink up.

For now need to get to work as that is what pays the blog fees.  It is day three of the challenge and I Am looking forward to it, followed by some awesome coffee tonight.  One more time the Friday dance and off we go to pay the taxes and make other people rich.  

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