Republic Day

We Indians are definitely opportunistic people, and I realized that when I was standing in line at the bathroom.  It is that or I am really skinny and invisible that she saw the empty stall and jumped passed me.  I mean hello lady, give me a chance to move, no need to move at a ninja speed.  I would have said something but why waste energy, I should learn by now and just deal with it.  Though I could have taken her down with no problem, and I had seen a fighting, suspense and thrilling movie too; so I was all charged up.  But I controlled must be all the mindful cookie meditation that I have been doing. 

This weekend has been a rather busy weekend.  We spent the day Saturday baking up a storm for Ronal McDonald house for a great organization.  Well I couldn’t move Saturday morning, I tried but my body wouldn’t move.  This is what stairs, burpees, crunches, and pushups do to you.  It took some attempt to get me out of bed Saturday morning. The morning started baking cookies, for my chocolate monster Ria; we woke up and ate cookies.  Then decided needed some protein in our system, went to brunch.  After the whole baking thing, had to attend an event in the evening which was also in celebration of an awesome program we have in the area.  The event overall was very gorgeous and who’s who of the area were present.  It was nice to see it, well more like a fashion show to see what everybody was wearing.  I had some mental comments for few; it is so hard to keep your mouth shut. 

I am not a big bug loving person or one who is brave around them, does not matter how small the critter is.  So when everybody was walking in to the event, I see this roach next to me.  Usually when I see a roach I give out a screeching yell and run like I have someone chasing me with a knife.  Imagine the horror when I had to stay calm and collected talking to people there while that little bugger was prolly drafting a plan in his mind to attack me.  Phew! I survived.  Well I will end it here as I continue watching the live telecast of the Republic Day even from India.  You know no matter what and where you are when the anthem comes on you WILL stand up.  That is exactly what happened as I was sitting on my couch watching, the moment it came on you realize no matter where in the world you are. You will always be an Indian.  Monday awaits, lots to do!

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