So where did we leave off on the whole guy situation and dating life?  Well it hasn’t move much further from there.  You know what frustrates me more, other than people who can’t drive when it rains.  That people think that girls who are here and from Indian origin are not as “Indian” as the girls who are in India.  I sometimes feel they should have free punches for certain things; you should define 10 things that bother you and then be allowed to punch whoever says those 10 things.  I think am going to start a petition on this, along with an automatic slime gun for the car.  So I can squirt people on the road when they make me mad. 

I promise I did wake up in a good mood and dancing, not sure where the transition occurred.  Regardless, so I have this dude remember the “I went to NYC for NYE and I am totally kool” yes that one.  So he messages again, just to ask if I had plans for the weekend.  That was after reading the message I had sent around twenty days ago.  So what is it with you guys?  Do you just like to make others wait?  You think you are superior to the girls?  Just because we reply right away out of manners you think we are just sitting here doing nothing?  I think I am never going to get this part about making the other person wait.  People should realize the three day rule that used to be or is, well you just lost three days to get to know that person.  Three extra days you could have spent and enjoyed with them.  You probably even wasted your time thinking about them and being anxious if to contact or not.  So why play games people, aren’t we all humans and aren’t we all looking for the same thing here? 

I would say everything changes, a lot of changes are good.  Coming in to this whole new era and century.  Sadly though relationships are just going downhill, gone are the days of chivalry where a guy used to open the door for the girl.  Someone who would give them flowers out of the blue, doesn’t have to be fancy just one rose does it.  One who remembers to put her before him, one who walks with her and not thinks he is superior to her.  I kept on thinking by this time the movies showed we should have everything digitized and robotic.  I didn’t see it before, but now I know – it wasn’t that robots were built, it is just that the humans have now become robotic.  Don’t let the feelings die, bodies might be different but our souls are the same.  Respect! 

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