Silent Saturdays

Last week was pretty busy, a rare but quiet Saturday today.  Well not entirely quiet, I have a large load of laundry practically barking at me to get folded.  I am ignoring it, who invented clothes I wonder.  I feel like if we were born naked that says something, maybe we were not meant to wear clothes.  I always tell Yang whenever she does ask me what to wear somewhere, GO NAKED! I think people would be conscious about what they eat and how they look if it was tout naturel.  I said it in French or attempted to, because she loves the language.  Her sighs are Le Sighs, okay well enough about her – truly a sister from another mister.   So what were we talking about?  Laundry okay let’s not talk about that, it is a painful subject.   

I always thought it was guys who played it hard, act all busy to grab a cup of coffee.  It seems like it is human nature, to make others wait.  It gives us a sense of importance, or maybe we just don’t value each other anymore.  Sad to think about it, I say this from one of my recent experience.  Remember the Match event I went to, mostly for fun to see what they are like.  But or the lack of decent guys to have a conversation with; another girl and I started talking.  The talks were mostly related to the fiascos that happen with dating sites.  Regardless, she offered to have coffee to be friends and well no we didn’t exchange BFF necklace or go get tattoos.  What I was trying to say is it took me almost two weeks to finally meet up for coffee.  I am a very accommodating person, I believe truly that time is to be made.  Not having time to do something or to do something for someone is just a lame excuse.  It all ends up being how important that person is to you and how much are you willing to do.  I don’t say that one should agree to everything everybody tells them to do, but at least for those who you say matter in your life you should.  Oh but it didn’t matter with her, I am pretty sure as we just met.  But the whole experience I found was kind of eye opening for me.  So I guess no blaming guys for playing hard to get, it has nothing to do with guy or girls.  It is just in our nature that we want people to seek out to us, want us, and make us feel important. 

Sometimes it makes me wonder, were we humans always like this?  Okay so I passed out on my keyboard typing this, so am going to continue this later and go to bed now.  If it make it up from this couch that is, love love love my couch. 

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