Cabinet life lessons

Learning lessons from everyday things, so today I learned a lesson from my condiment and spice cabinet.  I have been cooking in a hurry last few days and I have been grabbing and putting stuff back randomly.  This morning I opened the cabinet and I was attacked by the bottles in there.  It makes me wonder and jogged up the consciousness in me, that it was fine as long as I had it organized properly.  Similarly is my life, I have so many things going on each representing a bottle and I just need to put them in the right order.  And it seems like we all have the amount of bottles, we decide what part of our lives to put in how big of a bottle and how to organize it then. 

This past weekend was a gorgeous weekend here in NC, the weather was in the 70’s and sunny.  Phill you have nothing on us, watch it be 20’s tomorrow brrrr…

What was I saying before I lost track of this and started checking Facebook?  Oh yeah! So this past weekend was very busy and very pretty.  I had a few friends come over for popcorn and movie night, the popcorn made it in the night but the movie never did.  I guess that is what happens when you have people you actually talk and sing with rather than sit and stare at a TV with.  Overall it was a successful evening; you can’t really go wrong with food and booze on a Friday night. 

Saturday was late waking up and spent in recovering most of the morning.  In the afternoon the show was on and it was such a nice time.  The guest last Saturday was so nice to talk to and made the conversation so easy.  After that I decided to doze off on the laptop as I was typing, I think I posted that in the prior blog.  Oh yes!!! I did end up meeting and making a new friend on Sunday.  Well Match is useful for something, if you can’t find your life partner you can at least find a new friend.  We checked out this awesome bakery, the coffee was good and the pastries there looked divine.  Checked on brother’s house and its building, the basement is almost done and he is very very excited about it.  I am excited for him and to see what the finished house looks like.  We have many more happy memories to make in that house.  Long walks after and bunch of cooking.  At the moment I am totally exhausted with all the walking, squats and challenges.  Hope this week is far more productive than the last and goes fast.  Cheers to an upcoming fantastic and exciting week.    Yes exciting also because I am looking forward to trying the new Ramen place this Wednesday! w00t! w00t! 

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