Ramen chronicles

Lessons I learned from a bowl of Ramen.  So there is this place that I have been pretty excited about to try.  I followed them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see when they are opening.  Let’s just say it was a big disappointment.  What I learned from the bowl, was just coz the place is new, pretty and hyped doesn’t mean it’s all that good.  Same goes for life, sometimes I feel like people who have this fancy stuff and all goodness going on Fakebook might not exactly be that great.  FYI we are anticipating a massive snow storm here in NC today, a whole half inch of it.  They are letting the kids out early and shutting everything down.  Bring on the hot cocoa and snuggies. 

Well what was I saying again?  I have this big fog in my head, thanks the cold.  The weather really needs to make up its mind, because the warm and cold is making me sick.  I am highly drugged up on medicines at the moment, so maybe I should be a disclaimer about what I type here is not geared towards anybody.  I have not cooked in last few days, that is really annoying.  I have ended up fighting with my best friend again.  I think he and I are just meant to fight and take our frustrations out on each other.  I really wonder sometimes why people come in your life and what the reason is after that.  I mean there are people who are completely opposite of you, and you can’t do anything but butt heads with them.  You can’t live without them either; it is like they say a thread that connects you to them.  That invisible thread is so much stronger than the fights and tears.  But with him I have realized the true meaning of what loving someone is, with the fights and all he has made me realize that true care and concern never changes.  If you talk or not talk to them, even though months and years go by the connection never breaks.

Well that was too emotional, did I say the Ramen was not hot at all?  It was about 100 ft. away, the kitchen.  I am not sure how it was still not hot.  I am completely tarnished with Ramen by eating at Dashi.  Okay work must be done; it is icy and snowy here today.  Maybe I will start my kebab series on cooking today.    Happy Fat Tuesday’s All!!! 

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