Gas problems

No not THAT kind of gas problems, but the OTHER kind.  I am one of those peoples who wait till the last minute to make sure I get gas.  So I was to go out of town this week, I decided why get gas now will get it when I come back.  We are in NC so even if we have a little snow, it is like a blizzard for us.  I am snowed in; flights cancelled and am at home with an almost empty fridge.  The thing that I was running out and was most important was half and half for coffee.  I survived, but the point here is that I had to get gas this morning while driving to work.  So I thought okay a quick stop pump it up and be on your way.  I was pretty covered my panda hat (I have named him Roofie), my gloves, scarf and a jacket.  I was boiling by the time I started driving.  The problem I have is that the pumps now ask so many questions, practically sacrifice your unborn first child.  Needless to say the process was nearly not as fast as I had planned or acted in my head.  I survived the roads (which were overall very good) and the drivers on the road.

I know and get it people are not used to driving in this weather, but most of the time it is the fear that makes it happen.  We just know it that it is snowing and we will skid or something bad will happen.  Isn’t it the same with life, most of the things we don’t do because are afraid of what we think might happen.  Most of our perceptions in and of life are based on other people’s experiences.    I mean I had a Scion XB and I was fine driving in the Boston snow, I have a better car now but I am still afraid to get out in little snow.  I have to learn the difference between being careful and being fearful.  Very different kinds of “fool” still a big difference in both of it.

Now all of a sudden I am craving Chinese food, today is full of meetings so I have decided to go with Jimmy Johns and feed myself some really unwanted calories.  Oh I did cancel my Match subscription, and I kid you not there were more emails from them after than the time I was with them.  All of a sudden Match is sending me emails with so many guys interested in me.  How far will people go for keeping potential daters on their site? 

Cooked up a storm but didn’t have the patience to note the recipes that was too tedious of a process.  I have overtaken the illness with good health and am ready to cook up a storm again.  We will be snowed in Thursday as well.    


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