Knock Knock!

We had a weekend?  What weekend?  The weather really needs to stop now, I know you guys are prolly sick hearing people complain about the weather.  You know how they say if you think you can make it happen, so how come so many people thinking collectively of good weather is not making it happen?  Okay “Universe” start working please, I know you are in hibernation to but WAKEY WAKEY!  The sickness this time around has taken a toll on the energy level, for some reason I can’t get back to feeling energetic.  I miss jumping off the bed singing and dancing in the morning.  The good part however is that birds are chirping and there is more daylight now, WOOHOO!!!! This means spring is right around the corner.  

I didn’t learn any lessons this weekend, did a lot of cooking.  I think I have an addiction problem, with cooking that is.  I wake up and first thing I do is get in the kitchen and then don’t get out.  Well I am really waiting for it to warm up a little so I can go back outside and do my walking.  Current Netflix addiction is Bones; I love the chemistry that B&B has.  Overall it was an okay weekend, nothing too great.  Watched the movie Badlapur, not sure what the hype and good ratings were about.  I didn’t enjoy the movie, really didn’t understand why someone would hold on to anger for so long and waste their 15 years in the process.  I am sure his wife and kid wouldn’t want him to suffer like that.  Though it is hard to imagine what one would do in such a situation.  My wise friend told me that, it is all depends on what happens at what time and what your frame of mind is.  I just thought the movie was pointless, it wasn’t a mindless entertainer or a message giving movie.  I also think that it did well, because of the sex related scenes.  The Indian audience is so hungry for things like these, one would think it is natural but this movie made it seem so cheap all together.  It would have been a different case if they were trying to highlight that industry in the movie, but that is not what the point of the movie was.  I say they need to review the movie again, there is no way I would give it 4.5 stars. 

The weather is supposed to be good here this week, but I have to go to MN.  So yes even if it is 70’s here I will be freezing in 18 degrees there.  Hope for a week full of good magic and things. “The more that you read, the more you will know.  The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss (Happy Happy Birthday!)  Happy Monday!!!  

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