Airhead – wobble wobble

I had forgotten what it was like to travel.  I mean love the fact that we have the options now to get to places quickly – wait scratch that out, it is anything but quick.  There are days it seems like you can get to a place quicker by driving than flying.  First you have to get there early enough to get through the security line, pay a hefty amount for baggage if you have any, and then get stripped down to bare bones just so they can make sure you are not carrying an explosive in your undies.  Then you have to wait through the line with the passengers who have the last boarding but of course are first in line to block your way.  I think the airport workers are the new government workers, they think they own the world.  Somehow tend to forget that my paycheck that I waste on such a luxury (HA HA HA!) is what is paying your bills.  I take my job seriously, how about you take yours and act like you are in hospitality business.  You are not doing me a favor by being there; I am doing a favor by choosing your airline. 

I feel like airline industry is the only industry going backwards, there is no advancement other than sending your boarding pass on your mobile now.  They have started charging for everything now, pretty soon we will be charged for oxygen and the amount we inhale and need too.  Okay enough about that, I thought I had an early flight so why not try and catch up inflight.  The person next to me on the flight happened to be rather chatty this morning.  Every time I closed my eyes, she had the urge to talk.  On my second leg of the flight, the person in front of me in the line was very kind to explain to me that the snow in MN really doesn’t affect the flying conditions on the top.  Maybe I just looked like an idiot or someone who needed to be consoled.  I am so grateful for such knights in shining armor, who rescue one who really does not need rescuing.  Then the person next to me decides to give me his cookies, I just think I looked hungry and scared this morning.  Needless to say I made it to MN, annoyed and overstuffed. 

Off we go to the taxi ride; the person was really nice and chatty.  Of course, today was a day when everybody wanted to talk to me.  So we talk about food obviously, not hard to tell food is my obsession.  He was from Ethiopia, and I do enjoy Ethiopian food; so it was good to know about the bread and how he makes it at home.  Then after few more questions, he decides to ask me if I was a good cooker?  Well of course I am a good “cooker”, I do blow up pretty loudly when I am under pressure and am well branded too.  But I decided to be nice and answer in a humanly way.  I made it to the hotel, which was an accomplishment.  Rest hope the rest of the day is not that chatty, thinking of checking out a coffee place here.  It is listed one of the 26 to visit in the U.S.A before dying.  So hey scratch one off the list, no fun roaming around as a ghost to finish unwanted things.  

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