For the love of coffee

I made it to the coffee shop, thanks to Uber.  There was no way I was walking 1.2 miles in this, I would have surely been a human popsicle by then.  The trip was definitely worth it; the atmosphere there was so in the mountain cabin like.  The rustic look and the people who were there, I think the best part of coffee shops are how interesting it can get.  You see all are unique but yet we are all the same joined by coffee.  How coffee can make one philosophical, sigh! Oh and of course I find guys/men here in MN are way more open to talking than I have seen in any other state.  So friendly and not uptight at all, like last night at the coffee place.

Cute dude – Is anybody sitting with you?

Me – No

Cute dude – Can I sit here then?

Me – Yes of course

WELL you genius this is your clue to talk, but I decided to go back to my book and read.  I have not read so sincerely in my life before.  Face down, straight reading.

I tried to be brave this morning and thought of scooping out breakfast outside of the sky-walk.  It was 1 this morning, I decided to be smart and stay indoors.  Currently reading a book by Daniel Klein (Travels with Epicurus) the realization that Epicurus was not that fuzzy about his food.  I think he truly just wanted local grown, simple food.  The whole point of where the chefs are going now, taste the actual ingredient and not cover it up with sauce and butter.  I really want to make this over the weekend – Spicy cumin lamb with hand smashed noodles.   let’s see if there is enough time to do it all this weekend.

Had the most interesting conversation with my friend last night, where she decided to bash me.  Thinking I prayed so hard for her to walk to Whole Foods from her office that she had to finally walk there.  The place is a whole block and half away from her office, yet she always gets in the car and decides to go through the hassle of finding parking.  She can just walk on over and save her the mental trouble, but it finally caught up to her and she had to give in and walk with a co-worker of hers.  This also makes me think, life always throws at you what you are running away from.  Situations like these make me a believer in thoughts really does become reality.  I think a lot to do with thinking and letting go as well.  Should try and implement this technique in real life, but with all things easier said than done.  For now work must be done, lunch time is almost over.  That reminds me should actually get some lunch before next set of meetings.  Read something very interesting in regards to traveling today – “Cover the earth, before it covers you.” ~ Anonymous

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