Fat Mondays!

My friend sent me this image this morning of a beautiful building, surrounded by trees lightly covered with snow.  The red of the building looked amazing in contrast to the snow, I am not sure if the building would have been so beautiful if it wasn’t for the help.  In our lives there are many times that we do not realize the beauty within us; for which have people around us who make us (some subtle but some like my friend who will just slap you to shut your negativity) appreciate ourselves more.  They are the ones who show us light in us when we only see darkness, you don’t need thousands of friends if you have two or three they are more than enough.

Traveling is hard; I am not sure how I traveled for work for so many years.  I mean my weight scale definitely felt the pain of all the food and stress.  It is kind of depressing seeing all these corporate people overweight and stuffed in business attire.  I think it is also unfair because women were more on the obese side than the men were.  Somehow we just have more stress to deal with that causes us to gain, and for the longest time I thought food was the only thing that caused weight gain.  In India I remember people seeing an above average person and going “wow they have a good life, comes from a rich eating and luxurious family.” Well you are wrong, they probably have more stress in their lives than you can imagine.  Lately after reading more in to meditation and mental health exercises, the understanding of how it affects you is more relevant to me. 

Well as I type this sitting at the airport, I realize that the person sitting next to me (skinny as celery stick) is eating a Think Thin bar (nasty nasty nasty, did I say nasty? Yuck) and I here am inhaling a breakfast sandwich.  Well at least it is egg white and turkey bacon.  That reminds me of the name situation when I did order my coffee and sandwich at the airport.  My name is not easy to spell so I use my niece’s name three letters pretty simple to say.  Well at least I thought it was simple, until I realize no matter what the name people will always complicate it.  It is not because they don’t know the name; it is because they can’t associate the name with you.  When I gave the name Ria to this lady, she asked me how to spell so I said Ria; she then goes Rai? So after correcting a few times from Rai, Air and such the short very simple name were given right.  When it was called out for pick up a whole different story, the lady called out Aryaa for about five minutes until I realized she was calling me.  Needless to say I felt like an idiot and my sandwich was a bit on the cool side as well.  Names can be very complicated; I am totally missing the hour we lost springing forward.  I WANT MY HOUR BACK! I asked Yang to find it for me, she said I will have to wait till autumn to get it back Le Sigh! 


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