Super thinking power!

Usually people have the Sunday blues; I had the Sunday reds last night.  I also think that my power of thinking and making things happen is limited to the ability of me spilling things.  As I was sitting last night drinking my glass of red wine and watching Bones, I thought what if I drop this on the couch.  Then decided to think nah, I drink on here all the time it hasn’t happened.  Well what do I know? Five minutes later, my glass of wine is on my couch.  Maybe this was also a sign that I shouldn’t have been drinking it, but I was just trying to finish the open bottle.  It would have been a waste of money if I kept it like that for a long time.  Then I thought okay Pinterest mode, what takes care of the stains – The almighty Baking Soda.  I think it is the answer to everything these days, wonder if I could just start sprinkling this stuff on stupid people.  It would be funny to see what their reaction would be, or a better idea would be for them to make these packs like they do for the fridge.  Instead of saying Refrigerator pack, they can label it stupid resistant pack.  Okay enough on that, the weekend was okay a bit tiring as always. 

Saturday the rain gods decided to shower their blessings on us, but oh yeah I tried The Fiction Kitchen and the food was surprisingly good.  The fake chicken just tasted like chicken, and the waffles were pretty good as well.  I am seriously considering going vegetarian, maybe vegan for a week or so.  I just can’t justify eating chicken, because it really doesn’t taste like anything other than what you spice it up with.  So in short you can take any vegetable or soy product and season it the same way.  Chicken in itself doesn’t have any flavor these days.  Though eggs will be hard, and I can’t give up on cheese so vegan is a bit pushed but can definitely be vegetarian. 

Ever since I have cancelled my Match subscription, the emails indicate that I have at least 24 people who are interested in me on a daily basis.  Wow, how far will they go for marketing?  Same with LinkedIn, you get this email – You are being noticed.  You open the email to see one person viewed your profile in the last ten days.  Sure I am getting noticed, dorks.  It is going to be a busy week this week, lots of things happening.  But first work must be done.  

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