Slacker woman!

I think I am a prime definition of a slacker at the moment.  I fell of the wagon with updating the blog, but the past two weeks have been such a blur.  A lot of things in progress, but sometimes when I don’t see the results right away I get a little disappointed.  I think with all the things in my life, one of the most important things God is trying to teach me is patience.  I think this is going to be a lifelong learning, not sure how I feel about that.  Lately I have been annoyed with the Wi-Fi, I mean I really don’t get it.  The connection in the apartment drops in certain places, but when you get in the car and try to play something on Spotify or Saavan the signal will hold till the end.  It is so frustrating, but then whose fault is it to get annoyed by something like that. 

I have been cooking up a storm as always, sometimes when I feel like my life is not control kitchen is the only place I find control in.  I have a hard time letting things just flow and happen as they need to happen; the need to be in control is laborious.    I do think, I really have nothing in life to complain about.  Overall this has been a good life, I have plenty to read, eyes that can read and family and friends who love me.  There are times when I thought and looked for things that people did in a lavish way to prove they care, but lately it seems that I have overlooked the subtle things they do.  It could be just a hot roti that much makes on the days when I am too busy to find something to eat.   Also, how you don’t have to worry about the house because you have a big brother looking at it.  It is the things done in silence that takes the stress and pain away from your life.  I feel like people miss out on those, because they are concentrating too much on the materialistic gifts that they are getting.

I have picked up a new book to read and almost finishing two at the moment.  I am enjoying “Fairest” by Marissa Meyer, always good to read up on how the evil queen became evil.  Also, it a hoot to read the book by Mindy Kaling, one that makes you laughs and also shows never to stay down when you fall.  That reminds me of the video that has gone viral one of Deepila Padukone about my choice; it is an empowering video and one line from it really made sense.  Guys should always know that they are our choice and we are always a privilege to them.   Also, that the soul you have can never be limited by the age or by the clothes you wear or how you look.  What is golden and pure from inside will always shine outside.  It’s about time we stop living by the rules that the society put on us, I can’t image how beautiful this world would be if we were not afraid.  If everybody could just be what they want, because when one does things out of passion and not need the results are always beautiful. 

Well it is another Monday and a rainy one, but as they say after a rain comes the rainbow and only if we have a Monday we will get to Friday! Enjoy your week!


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