Giving hope with colors – Asha for Education Holi event

As they say “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear”, we here in the RTP area spent a Sunday with colors banning fear and giving hope to many in the form of education.  Asha for Education – Raleigh chapter, every year organizes Holi event to support a project in India.  Asha for Education is a worldwide nonprofit organization that spreads the ray of hope through education.  Every so often we take what we are given for granted, a book we pick up from a store or an interesting article we read.  There are times you are watching a movie and the subtitle comes to your rescue when you have a hard time understanding the dialogue.  These are the small things we are lucky to have in our lives, why not share a little of that with those who are not as lucky as us.  This is exactly what this organization is trying to do, as I read it somewhere you never know which brain where holds a solution to some of our biggest problems.

The organization is purely volunteer-run, people who make time from their busy days to give not because they have to, but because they want to.  The event on Sunday was organized very thoughtfully; our local vendors and businesses stepped in happily with gifts of colors, music and food.  Around the world and Patel Brothers, conveniently located near Chatham Square; which now is deemed as mini India for the RTP region were generous enough to provide all the colors.  There were heaps of bright orange, sunny yellows, vibrant blues and fiery reds.   Curry Point located in Durham off Miami Blvd, made a crispy impact with their cauliflower fritters and left us floating in sweetness with the gulab jamuns.  Azitra off Brier Creek, Raleigh has been a proud sponsor of this event for the past few years.  The food from Azitra has been well accepted by our criticizing Desi’s, the naans were soft, and the curry carried just the right amount of spice.   But what is an event without music?  While the above vendors took care of making our taste buds dance, DJ Ronak, made time from his Sunday to make our souls dance.  A recognized face that had us dancing and grooving to his beats.

The volunteers are to be much-admired, because all would have been donated but nothing would have been planned if they weren’t there.  The immeasurable hours they spent to make this happen, just so another person can read and write.   They even made sure to provide free of cost seat covers just to make sure your precious vehicles stay stain free.  The project Asha for Education RTP has chosen is in the state of West Bengal – Hijli Inspiration:  Bridging the Divide.  The focus of this project is mainstreaming children at risk.  To learn more about the project and Asha for Education RTP chapter please like their Facebook page and visit their website at Asha Raleigh

Be a part of the organization and their events, it takes minimal amount to support and bring hope to someone else’s life.  Skip a cup of coffee one day, who knows that money donated, will provide power through education to that one person who will reshape our world.


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