Friday fuse!

I think we had our own little version of sand storm here, but just with pollen today.  And I seriously feel like a weather woman every time I start my blog entry, but Mother Nature has been a little kuku lately.  I think we hopped passed spring in a pollen hurricane and landed directly in summer temps.  What’s the deal with that, give me a chance to adjust the wardrobe would ya?? Another busy week comes to an end, but plenty of new projects on the horizon and plenty of new books to read.  At the current moment however I want to hug my bed and go on a vacation with it, but worry not I’m kicking thanks to all the super energy, all natural, burn a hole in your wallet drinks out there.  We are going to make it and we are going to be just fine. 

So my last post I ended rather quickly about the whole concept of believing.  I read something very interesting this weekend and I told that to my mum as well, the whole concept of you cannot change the world until you change yourself.  Someone said it nicely to me, doing so it’s like expecting your reflection to smile at you when you are not smiling in the mirror.  Now that makes perfect sense to me, or going in to a kitchen with a potato and expecting to come out with an apple pie.  Well if you can do that then please do share your secret, but I am not skilled or know any magic that turns a potato to apple.  My friend and I have many conversations about nature vs nurture and how the family affects one’s life.  I am a believer in terms that where we come from and who we are surrounded by definitely affect our life and our attitude towards it.  I have learned many good things from my parents, mum especially since I have spent many more years with her than dad.  But I have also learned equally bad things from her; maybe the term bad is the wrong choice here.  But you get it right, my fears, my insecurities, my hesitations some of the life situations that I get in are mostly because of what I was taught. 

For past many years, I was told and told that we should put others over us.  That we should sacrifice in order to give and make others happy.  While I am all for charity and helping others, I am strictly against putting someone else over you.  It took me a long time to get here and it is a constant struggle, because I have been hearing that all my life.  So the nature vs nurture thing does hold true, because if someone is telling you every single day that unicorn exist you are going to believe unicorn exists.  If someone tells you that you are fat and nobody will marry you, no matter how skinny you get that will always be your first thought.  Unless you take charge and change your thoughts, I have only lately realized how impactful my thinking is.  Most of the time the negative things that I think of often come true, that is because I say and I release them.  However the positive or good ones seldom do, why is that?  Because I try to figure out how they will happen.  So strange right, that with the negative you just let it go and trust that it will happen but with the positive you are constantly running in to a wall you created yourself.  This is all a learning process and a daily practice, but something that is definitely helping me and something I will write more on.

On the guy front however, no amount of thoughts of positive thinking can change stupidity or Indian men I think.  So this guy on Shaadi who had messaged to meet me early March and I had replied, all of a sudden message me last night and say can we meet this weekend?  Yes dude please let me drop my whole life and cancel all my plans just because you came alive a month later.  No I am not replying, because that is not what I asked for or this is not what I want in life at the moment.  Certainly not a douchebag like him, guys if you want to act like you are busy do it in a normal timeframe.  There is a limit to what is called bhav khaving.  Okay Okay positive positive…let it goooo let it goooo….Enjoy your weekend peeps! 

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