Nav Yug or was it Kalyug?

Have you checked out Nuv Yug’s website to see what their mission is?  Well let me tell you what the site says – “Nuv Yug” means “new era” or “new generation”.  Allow me to ring the bell of reality here, more like shoot cannon of reality check to the organizers.  There was nothing new that you presented for this era neither you did anything to enhance the so called new generation.   The first India Fest started in 2003, with much hype and a place to experience Indian cultural.  At that point in time, we were limited in the amount of events in the RTP area.  This was another way for us Indians to enjoy our culture and show off proudly to our Non-Indian friends what our heritage is.  I say the intention of this was very noble, but I never really paid attention to what Nuv Yug was until this year.  Why this year you ask?  Well because there were hardly any people who came, and those who came had a foul face and mouth full of complaints.  This was a total rip-off, and to think of it has been for the last few years we just failed to notice it.  Coming from a family of performers at events like these, I was blinded by family pride and love to see how I was cheated.  I still have no idea why this event is for two days?  Oh well DOH! Of course it should be for two days, how else will they make more money?  Starting from the ticket to the food or anything you want to do at this event it is cash only.  Have you ever wondered where this cash goes?  You cannot use one ticket for both days, so if your family has more than one performer you might as well be ready to spend the money for both days.  Somehow they are very shrewd in making sure the family doesn’t perform on the same day.  How generous of them that they let the performers in without any fees.  I think this might change pretty soon too, because as you enter the stadium you feel the greed that has consumed the organizers.  This is a money making scheme with nothing to offer to the locals or to any charity.   Might as well be prepared next year to pay for the oxygen in the arena 🙂

Nuv Yug is listed as a non-profit organization, an organization to promote awareness of Indian Cultural Arts.  I think the right sentence should read as such Nuv Yug – a non-profit organization that nurtures the organizers pockets with the charity of local citizens.  Let me list out a few things that were wrong and continue to be so with India Fest.

  •  First and biggest mistake of theirs is the price and for it to be Cash only.  Provide us with a ticket that will last for two days and not rip us off both days.
  • Second please call some decent performers, we can find better headliners here locally than those you waste our precious money on.
  • The lighting of the arena is pitiful; the person accountable for stage and speaker systems should respectfully retire from that post.
  • The seating in front of the stage was limited, it was free (utterly shocked, as they missed out on making money there).  Plenty of seats on the bleachers but the stage couldn’t have been visible.
  • The area with vendors were packed, they made the most of selling every last square footage to make sure they get their vendor money.  The charge for the booth was 1200 for two days.
  • The daylight made it impossible for the jewelers to showcase their products capably.  Multiple vendors were complaining about the lack of proper venue.
  • The performances were good and well done but allow me to list out the repetitions (this was done by one very bored dad, who was forced to show up both days thanks to the split).  These were just a few the list was rather long.
  • Tu Tu Meri – 6 times
  • Radha Nachegi – 5 times
  • Indiawale – 6 times
  • We had some local singers, whose performances were tainted thanks to the incompetency of the stage and audio organizer.  The voice quality made it unbearable to enjoy their singing.
  • The program for Saturday did not start at the right time; it was embarrassing for the singers as the turnout was so minimal that they hardly had any zest to perform.  There were kids who were complaining about how bad the headliner performance was and how late that started.
  • The lack of a proper host for the programs, using your teenagers to do MC is not very professional.  I am sure teenagers can do a stellar job, but please guide them in the right direction.
  • The trophy were not free either for the performers, they were to be purchased as well.  For a amount of 10 dollars and yes don’t you forget cash only!

Overall you should be embarrassed of your organizing skills and the way you swindler the locals.  The word was not out; there were hardly any Non-Indians who showed up, even though there were plenty walking out in the flea market.   Please spend some of your money advertising, the artists work really hard to perform the least you can do is give them an audience.  If my family performs, I might be there again next year.  But this is like testing my love for them to suffer through such a tragically planned event.  I still don’t know where the performers benefit from this; the family pays to the dance groups, the family members pay for the event to see and cheer for them.  What are the performers getting from this? They say it’s a charity, I assume that is rightfully so.  A charity that raises money for the organizers, truly said charity does starts at home.  There are many events in the RTP area to keep us busy, unless you have something competitive to offer, please save yourself and us from so called India Fest next year.  Highly disappointed with you India Fest and there are many others who are as well.

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