Rape terrorism

It is winesday! Surely can use a glass of vino but definitely too early.  In my mind I am sitting at a chateau somewhere in Tuscany rolling pasta and sipping a good red, but in reality I am sitting here in front of the computer and drinking mango flavored sparkling water.  Well life isn’t that bad, I mean the sun is shining and I do have a certain spark to my water.  I have two new ventures in my mind, as if I don’t have hundred other things to do but many things to be achieved in life.  Will write more about what they are later, as we come to progress a little more on those.  Lately it seems like there are more and more articles about rape and gang rapes coming from India.  I am not sure what is going on, are we Indians just so starved sexually that we have to force ourselves on others.  Why can’t they find satisfaction in their relationships and why is it that the person who was abused has to kill themselves.  I know it feels shameful to many for what they have gone through, but why feel that when it is not your fault.  I am not sure when the mentality of us Indians will change, creating hot lines, and choosing to have more female cabbies are not going to change anything.  The mind is what needs to be changed; I don’t think it will ever make a difference until the mothers of Indian men stop treating them like their sons are god.  Just because you have a part that sticks out and makes you so prickly doesn’t mean you are special than others. 

When are you going to wake up India?  When will this or will this ever change?  This is not what our scriptures teach us; this is not our religion or philosophy.  This is no different than being a terrorist, you are not killing people with bombs but you are still killing people.  Is India plagued by rape terrorism?  It seems like more and more cases are evident now, but all those end in tragic death.  We don’t need to move mountains, or change the constitution for this, the only thing required here is a shift of mind and thinking.  I know ages will go by, but we will never learn.  I say this proudly, that I come from a family where the mentality is different, and I know if any men in my life or family participate in such a thing I will be the first person to hang them.  Let this be the rapist trials and wipe all who have done this, no need to get justice from the government they didn’t go ask permission from the government before doing the deed. 

I am proud from where I come from, but equally ashamed that I come from a place where women are not respected.   The statue of the women idol is prayed on and worshipped, but living breathing one is not.  I can write and write about it but there is nothing that is going to change, I know I can change myself and men in my life to make sure they know how to respect women; but I can’t change others.  So some of you mothers out there, NO your son is not a god he wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for a women who gave birth to him. Stop treating them like that, change the way you are raising your kids.  As far as I am concerned and I say it openly, if such a person comes in front of me I will not think twice before I castrate him.  This has to stop and has to stop now! 

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