The power of attraction, yup I have realized that it works.  I have mastered the power to attract bugs just with my thinking, so if you want to talk to any bugs or want a bug physic I am your person here.  Just shoot me an email and I can conjure up anything with my imagination.  You must be wondering why I say that, well because I had an intruder in my apartment last night (that makes me think, someone should come up with bug alarm system).  It’s not often that I work so late at night, well not office work for sure but I decided to do some pending work as things were due.  And all of a sudden I see something move on the carpet, horror movie music playing in the background.  It’s a roach!!! It’s a roach!!! I am not sure why I was yelling that and on my couch, because there was nobody else in the house.  I thought if there were any angels watching over me at that time, they could come to my rescue.  But it was I who had to be the man and kill that critter, and sure wasn’t a little one.

I know lately coconut oil has been in news and comes handy with everything and is the miracle ingredient.  I know I know you are wondering why all of a sudden detour to coconut oil, what I wanted to say is that even the container comes handy now.  It is truly miraculous; I took the container and ran after the roach for a good five minutes (YES steps on Fitbit achieved!).  I finally captured it and then saw it go round and round like I was watching some sort of cockroach circus.  I didn’t have it in my heart to stomp on it, find it way too nasty.  I decided to spray around the bottle and move the bottle so that I can put him in its own gas chamber.  It finally gave in and stumbled to its demise.  I think this was a sign from god telling me to finally get a husband so that he can take care of things like this for me.  But then who felt like a Wonder Woman last night I DID! Though I took few minutes to pray and requested God not to send the whole family after me for killing their family member.  It took a lot of mind power to not dream about them and while I was on a roll I decided to think of wining the jackpot as well.  It’s true to hit when the iron is hot.   So this morning I proudly scooped up the beast and threw it in the trash, I called mum to gloat about how strong I was.   She goes oh I would have just picked it up and flushed it down the toilet.  Well then Wonder Woman was short-lived.  I then came face to face with a spider while coming down the stairs and seriously yelled like I was being chased by Jason with a chainsaw.  I then went ahead and apologized to the spider for scaring the bazooka out of it.  Yes I did feel like an idiot after for apologizing to the spider who was living rent free in my apartment.

So in short it has been an interesting evening and morning, I have finally mastered the art of manifesting with attracting.  Doesn’t matter what it is, the point is that it works and I overcame my fear of roach – well not really I wouldn’t go that far.  I would still run like a little kid and cry whenever I see them.  Okay well let’s just hope nobody visits me tonight that needs to be trapped and sprayed.


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