Godly Business

Let me be clear before I go further with this, I have nothing against anybody’s spiritual practices or against a particular organization.  One must do what they want and know works for them.  I thought about writing about this after a recent event that I was a part of.  Something that we all have been going through locally as well as what I call back home in India.  We Indians have our own GPS to what I like to call God Powered System, everything and anything we do involves an astrologer or some sort of star alignment to make it work.  We come from a country of blind followers, no matter how educated we get we will always be God fearing and not God loving.

I am guilty and have been part of this propaganda myself, I have asked my mother to check with our family astrologer for surety of my passing, or getting a job to the extent of even going on a date.  I have always wondered how much of what was told to me affected me, rather than my actual stars.  As I am typing this I am actually laughing at myself, for stopping myself from doing things just because stars weren’t aligned.  I feel rather mortified to have been going around from one astrologer to another to see if one of them will tell me something different.   How I was out there taking my life and my destiny and putting it in someone else’s hand, I actually paid them to tell me what is wrong with my destiny and how I can make them more richer by trying to fix it.

I am a person who highly believes in karma and doing well, what you sow is what you will definitely reap.  I however am not a believer that God wrote my destiny before I was born, or that I was sent to this beautiful world to suffer.  Don’t we all get a clean slate to start with when we die and are reborn?  I mean how can someone tell me that my karma from my last life (which I have no clue about what it is) is affecting this life?  I believe that we are here and we choose this life for a reason, there is a certain lesson or certain emotion that we want to experience.  I choose this life, this family, this job, this partner in life because I wanted to.  I believe in a higher power, but how long are we going to let the so called fake people tell us what our destiny is.  Or tell us we can’t follow a dream or passion in life just because my horoscope says I won’t be successful?  We are a nation of engineers, doctors, lawyers, and IT geeks why do we still get trapped in such things?

We left the country and came here but our thinking didn’t change much.  I have to admit that I have come across many who actually know what they are talking about.  There was once an astrologer who explained to me very nicely, that no matter even if the stars are not right in your horoscope you can always fix it.  If you have an illness in life you just don’t accept it and die with it, you work on your body to fix it.  Similarly when you are influenced mentally by your pre-written destiny you can change it, just by changing your thinking.  Nothing is written in stone here, I have seen so many people who have no idea what Kundali (horoscope) is and are successful in life and going about without any issues.  In short what I have learned is that each astrologer says it differently, but in the end what affects us is the seed they plant in our mind.  The thought that tells us what we can do and what we can’t do, the fear of failing.  Have you ever thought about how when something good is said to you by them it is very true and comes true?  That is because we believed in it, similarly we believe in the negative they tell us and never try to do it.  Have you thought about what would happen if you went against what was told and did it regardless?  Well most of us never come to know because we never try, we are limited by the fear and the thought that was put in our minds.  We are not limited to what is written for us already, we can change our world as we are here to enjoy it and not suffer through it.  No God, no matter what name you call him by wants somebody he created with so much love to suffer.

Well to get to the point here, is that in our family we had a house warming ceremony a couple of months ago.  Of course you need a Priest a very pious individual who can come and say the slokhas and bless your house.  So we did what any person in the local area would do, we started dialing numbers to see which Priest was available (FYI it is a great business to get in to I think personally as the demand is pretty high).  We had one that we knew actually did the ceremony right and followed it through (not sure according to which manual) but he was out of town.  Well giving a ride from there wasn’t a problem, all was decided date was set.  Two days before the day we call again to confirm, to which we are told that sorry he has another engagement the day of leaving and won’t be able to leave until 8 or 8:30.  This is now three hours’ drive from home to pick them up and then to drop them off again next day, provide food, shelter, pay for the ceremony and give them gifts.  He just couldn’t let go of the extra money for the day even if prior commitment was made. So we had to let that one go and rely on the local ones.  Now I am not going to mention a certain organization here, but if you have called some of the local temples here I have to say one of them is worse than talking to a government officer in India.  They talk to you like you are a sinner who is calling them to wash your sins off from your last seven lives.  What irked me the most is that you have to actually beg for their services even if you are paying them an arm and a leg?

Regardless we were able to get a Priest, so we have then book them with the Temple for their services.  Now I understand that if you are working for the temple, we have to pay for the services.  Comes with any business, but I don’t understand why do we have to pay the temple and pay the priest for their services?  Aren’t you coming from the temple and isn’t that your job?  So we have to pick you up, drop you off, buy all the stuff for the ceremony, feed you on that day, pay the temple, pay you on top of the temple and then provide gifts for your family (as per customs) and not even get a proper ceremony?  So after about 500 dollars dent what we got was a measly 45 minute ceremony.  A ceremony which I would have gladly paid iTunes 2.99 for and done it myself.  There was more frustration in this than good vibrations, we could have just put on the music sat and chanted and blessed the home ourselves.  I am not sure why we Indians are so blinded by the fact that we need some Pious Brahmin to come and bless our own homes.  How can he possibly be happier for us than we are for our own home?

Prayers do have power, but that is because when you are praying with love you are actually putting those thoughts out there, you know what you are saying in your prayers.  Most of the times when you have the priest over there are only few who explain what they are doing, others you are just blindly repeating what you have been told.  I believe in mantras having power, as there is science behind that.  Each letter in Sanskrit has its own vibrational strength, which affects different part of your brains.  I have nothing against mantra, prayers, meditation or even house warming ceremonies.  What I am annoyed with here is that stop charging me for something that you are not providing.  I think the religious institutions here need to take a better look at what they are providing don’t fool people in the area.  In this day and technology we actually know what a ceremony entails what mantras are being spoken and half of the time you are actually giving us a shortcut version of it. Isn’t it you who tell us in the first place what goes around comes around?  So better be careful of what you are sending around and sowing your harvest is not looking too good.  In the end folks, stop wasting your money on services, the only person that can truly bless your house, business, car or your life is you.  It has always been between you and the higher one, you have never really needed a middle man to connect.  We are all part of the same source, so sit down and warm up your house surrounded by love, good food and remembering God.

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