Hum Sub Red Carpet Event

This weekend was a star-studded event, some Bollywood stars and some our local celebrities.  After the play last night and the Hum Sub red carpet event, there is no doubt in my mind that our community here has grown in leaps in the last few years.  I have always been a fan of Hum Sub for their Cary Diwali event, which is always well organized.  This year they are celebrating their 15 year anniversary and they have a trip treat for us.  They kicked off the celebration with an event that allowed the locals to dress up like stars and shine on the red carpet.  I have to say I was highly surprised by the venue but equally delighted to know that something so local to the Cary area was chosen and something that is different.  The theater is unique and always shows olden movies, they have featured some 90’s Bollywood movies as well.   The event started at 5:30 and people surprisingly (I know two days in a row the astonishment of us not following IST standards) were on time.  The place was decorated in gold and black, as we strolled and strutted on the red carpet we were greeted with a beautiful red rose.  The photographers were standing ready to capture the whole three hours some of us spent on getting ready for the event.  One of the organizers was happily interviewing those walking in, asking about whom they would pick to date if they were given a chance.  Okay so maybe I got my hopes high thinking she was finally going to find me my Salman Khan here but that was just for fun.  A little sadden by that, but worry not they had plenty of food and booze to soothe the blow to my dating life.

I have to say kudos to Hum Sub again for planning such an amazing event, the wine bar had a choice of one pink, two reds and two whites.  The food was in plenty, the chicken 65 was delicious and so were the vegetarian kathi rolls.  There were people ooing and aahing over the gulab jamuns, thank goodness few of us had fit in the outfit before stuffing our face with all the delicious food.  You could see the photographers acting out their roles as paparazzi and clicking either when you were taking a sip or when you were chomping on a samosa.  The ladies were shining in their outfits; the smile lighted up the event further more.  The movie of choice was English Vinglish, many of us have seen it already but it was an appropriate choice for an eclectic audience. When Laurent made his entry (you remember the sweet, hot, French cook – yes that one) the others failed to understand why some of us were cheering.   The movie had a proper interval, samosas and chai were provided and even more time to mingle and share a few laughs with those whom you haven’t seen in a long time.  The organizers were frequenting the tables asking over and over again if we were having fun, it was humbling to hear that you having fun is the only thing we are aiming for.  Once again Hum Sub lives up to the expectation set for them, and hinted of more nights like this in the future.  So if you missed this one try and be there for the next.  The second celebration will be on the 25th of September to continue the 15th year of Hum Sub.  Hope to see you all at Dholi Taaro Bhangra – Dancing under the stars.  More shimmer and lights coming your way!

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