New Orleans – Part 2

There are times when I wonder does traveling really change your perspective?  Yes it does, mostly because what you see sitting on your couch munching on popcorn is far different from when you are walking those streets yourself.  I have heard about New Orleans and the ferocity of the place (of course in a good way); we took full advantage to go wild.  We walked side by side with those who were signing their life away to marriage, that one last fling, “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!” “You are going down” “No turning back now”.  There were plenty of bachelors and bachelorette parties going on, a home game had busloads of people coming in and joining us for a drink.  In short it is a fun city but along with that it is a city of culture and history.  Each crook you turn the colors changed, ranging from what they were called a salmon color or a sweet orange tart building.  Each balcony had a visit from the garden fairy, the plants were blooming and thriving.  I wonder if my plant killing skills would change if I moved to New Orleans, but that is a different story. 

My curiosity was towards the physic, hoodoo, tarot and mediums.  The respect each store has that doesn’t allow you to picture the idols they worship.  Nonetheless I know people are sceptics, but the world and magic only happens to those who believe in it.  So I was fascinated and excited, like a kid in a candy store.  I was all over the place trying to decide which amulet to buy, the one that will finally bring me some luck in my life.  While I was going crazy, the voice (that of my friend) tells me that this is nothing but hoax and that nothing like this works.  There goes the believing part, I myself have a hard time but then she says so the doubt doubles.  Worry not all my doubts were cleared by Goggle, because Goggle knows everything and will never lie to me.  We also checked in with a medium, who obviously felt my dad’s presence there and told me that he loves me.  I mean nothing I could do if she said he didn’t love me, not like I was going to go after him in his afterlife.  If anybody is interested in knowing, my aura and vibrations were that of being fun and happy.  I must confess I went for a reading after having four Bloody Mary’s so I had that alcohol glow and an ear to ear smile; no wonder she sensed my personality as being fun. The witchcraft store had so many spices in it, I felt like I could easily whip up a batch of garam masala.

We did a haunted tour that took us past all the places that have ghostly presence.  My friend a nonbeliever was constantly trying to challenge them, while I was in my mind apologizing profusely for her.  There is no way I wanted someone to come haunt me later, I can haunt and scare myself plenty.  Saw the Muriel’s hotel, who serves awesome drinks, along with a side of spook.  The place is haunted by a son and mother who like to dine there every so often and decides to switch flatware around for fun if not attended to.  Then we walked pass The Bourbon Hotel New Orleans, which is spooked as well; apparently here the elevator stops at random floors and things disappear and appear.  We had the pleasure of being in the same side of and zone of Marie Laveau’s home and were educated on history of hoodoo.  So not all of it is bad; like with anything else if used for bad reasons and to manipulate people against their will is considered bad.  That goes for all the religions out there, do bad get bad, do well, sometimes still get bad; but that doesn’t mean you stop doing well to others.   We walked passed the most haunted place with a total of over 512 hauntings, and this is the place that American Horror Story has been based off.  I was only told a few hundred times that I should definitely watch it, and it is awesome and just too good.  Now this is where it becomes legal to jump on your friend like a sumo wrestler just to shut her up.  But I was civilized, she is my friend after all and it won’t be fun to drink alone and not banter with someone.  We were pointed towards the house of Angela and Brad; but ‘eh I was too busy to visit them so we let it be.  At the end of the tour we were given two magic “cures” for love and money; I will mention those at the end of this post. 

One of the days we walked around the Garden District and drooled over the huge mansions there.  The streets of the district were enchanting to wander and well okay maybe a bit jealous too seeing the beauty there.  The night was spent on Frenchmen street, starting off very stylishly in a dress and high heels.  The music was amazing and so were the drinks, the street was so lively and made your soul dance.  Pretty soon the sexy heels turned in to hurting limps and the dress was drenched in sweat because it was so hot and humid.  But that did not let us stop from dancing, and make sure we felt the blues tickle our bones and take over our senses.  The overall trip was amazing, but in the end there is no place like home, so it was time to hop on the flight and be back to my own bed and work.  Looking forward to hopping on the plane and transporting to another place, but for now am happily on my couch watching Scandal and enjoying a huge glass of red (okay maybe the cheap kind as I am not Olivia), but that won’t stop me from being in character.  Until next time, travel safe!

Magic for love – take a piece of paper, write the name of the person you want to draw closer to you (I really thought of writing Salman Khan’s but resisted).  Write the name seven times and then fold the letter towards you. This signifies them coming towards you, keep on folding. Now take that paper and put it in a jar of honey and store it away in a dark cool place.

Magic for money – take a whole nutmeg and wrap it in red flannel and keep it in your purse.

i don’t guarantee any of these, just something that we were educated on. Hope you have much love, wealth and magic in your life.

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