Meatball Laska

I sometimes wonder if the show on Netflix finds you or you find the show based on the things going on in your life. I have been absent and I blame it on binge Netflix watching. I started watching Lost and was pretty lost watching the show. At one point I felt inspired to start eating exotic fruits and seafood only. I never did think about fishing or hunting myself, but was rather inspired to be all hiking and swimming. All that happened just in my mind and not in reality. I however did bond plenty with my popcorn bucket and sparkling water. That has come to an end; I think I will need a big bottle of red to express my disappointment with the ending. I was chatting up with my friend Michael – the brain to my pinky. As he was explaining to me he himself realized what the ending meant. They were all lost souls and not lost on the island, it only took him ten short years to figure that out. No wonder people are right when they say things make more sense once you talk it out with others.

So I am not entirely guilty for spending time on Netflix, in the middle we had a bunch of festivals as well.  Starting with the festival of nine nights of dancing –Navratri; in some cases nine nights of getting hit and punched by random people on the dance floor.  You don’t ever want to mess with a Gujaratri person when it comes to garba and dandiya.  Then of course there was Karva Chauth the day you fast without water or food until the moon comes out, all this for the long life of your love and husband (hopefully for most of you he is one and the same person).  Then we had Halloween, where I loaded up on plenty of candy and partied being a zombie not so little Red Riding Hood.  Diwali crept up along with a ton of Indian sweets in the making and eating.  So starting October there is no stopping, it is one thing after another.

I have also been reading up quite a bit on quantum healing and integrative medicine. It is amazing some of the things you find out about your body, mind and soul. Realizing what your souls purpose is and how the aches in your body indicate the areas in your life you need to work on. So much knowledge to relearn I should say, because as per my reading our souls already know all this. Sad how intelligent we are born, only to be brainwashed by reasoning and logic.  How not only what we eat, but how we cook, who cooks it, and who grew it.  How our feelings and thinking make our mind and body sick.  So don’t be trapped in something that makes your heart ache or soul sad.  We are all here for a purpose, so if you are unhappy where you are then ask yourself where you would rather be.  I was walking around Barnes and Noble the other day, the smell of books always ground me.  I came across this magazine Happinez (, one of the best I have read in a long time. The words, pictures and thoughts touch your soul and get you thinking.  So if you find it in your area do check it out, it’s an excellent magazine add to your reading list.

Tonight however I decided to take a little break from Netflix and made this soup.  Currently am on a roll with Christmas movies, nothing like watching them during the holiday season.  I highly believe in miracles, my life is one and being alive currently and breathing in itself is a miracle for me.  So enjoy this heartwarming soup, spicy and creamy and good for your body.

Ingredients –
8 oz ground chicken
2 tsp ginger minced
2 tsp garlic minced
1 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. Maggi seasoning sauce

1/ 2 medium onion cut in half-moons
1 cup white mushrooms sliced
2 handfuls of spinach
¼ cup chopped kimchee
1 cup coconut milk
½ cup Laska paste (I use this – Malaysian Curry Laska Paste)
2 cups of vegetable or chicken broth (I used vegetable as I had that, the kids seem to finish all my chicken stock)
Splash of vinegar
Slug of oil

Noodles – cooked I used buckwheat noodles you can use any you like (about two cups cooked)

Method –

For the meatballs, mix all the ingredients, if you let them sit for an hour or so the flavor would be better.  Roll them in perfect rounds (or ovals, dented ovals in my case).  Keep them on the side.

In a pot, I used a cast iron pot I found while cleaning the garage.  Heat up some oil, add onions and mushrooms and let it sauté for a few minutes until the mushrooms melt.  Add the meatballs to the pot and let them cook, when they are almost done add the Laska paste and sauté for a bit longer.  Add the stock, spinach, coconut milk and let the spinach wilt.  Add the noodles to the pot and stir, you can add more stock if you like it soupier.

Enjoy the soup, I read it somewhere written by someone obviously as it wasn’t written by me.  You will never see same day again, every day is different.  The air is, the leaves are and you of course are.  So I intent to get wake up and enjoy a whole new day and world tomorrow.

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