Kung Hei Fat Choi! – It’s the year of the Monkey TACAS New Year Celebration

I haveDSC09854 to admit that turning a blog from one place to another is harder than moving a house.  Well, for some like me who have no patience it is harder.  Since the beginning of the year the higher beings are on an agenda to teach me a few lessons, mostly in trusting what comes and believing there is always something better out there.  The last month has been a busy one; so many places visited so many pictures clicked but hardly any time to write.  I thought being at home would make it easier for me to organize, read or write more; but all I have done is miss Aaron, while I hone my detective skills watching NCIS.

January was a month of dramatic things happening; I am going to blame it on the whole mercury retrograde that was going on.  So I have decided to skip January as the New Year and start mine with the Chinese Lunar New Year as the start of my year.  Creatively I have hit a null, at one point I thought of checking out some white magical spells to summon my muse.  Sadly none of has worked so far, thinking that sitting at home and being here would have me catching up on a lot of things I can’t do when I am traveling but dejectedly that is not how it works.  I still have all my outstanding courses waiting to be finished, plenty of pictures to be updated and recipes to be tried.

So my official new year is now the Lunar New Year’s, and I am very happy to say this is the year of the Fire Monkey.  I was super excited about it being the year of the Goat last year, but then was warned by my brother that it is never a good year if you fall in that zodiac zone.  Lucky for me this year is supposed to be fantastic for Goats, a stellar year for career, finance and love of course.  Maybe I will grow a romantic bone and surprise the people in my life.  No matter how hard I try to get all romantic, the practical brain of mine never allows it.

I have been in the NC area for many years now, but never had the opportunity to go to the TACAS (Triangle Area Chinese American Society) held at the Dorton Arena.  Personally after the Nav Yug fiasco for the last few years going anywhere near the Dorton Arena for a cultural event terrifies me.  History does say that the New Year was initially started out of fear, so that justifies my feeling towards it.  The festival in all lasts for 15 days after the New Year so technically I am still on point and within the timeframe to post.  Overall the experience was great, the entry wasn’t that expensive and neither was the food there.  When we entered the arena we were greeted by the dancing dragons and my partner in this crime was squealing in excitement over seeing them.  I happily distant myself away from her just to make sure I don’t attract too much attention to myself.  To her those fire breathing creatures are fuzzy, cute and adorable, not to me.

After making the very exuberant entry in the arena, we decided to hit the food stands right away.  We were greeted by the association booth first; I have to tell you they were some very good sales people there.  We were roped up into eating the traditional rice cake for good luck, if someone says good luck I will buy the whole bucket.  In my life there is plenty of luck and good one, but someone I am always greedy for more luck.  The rice cake was rather chewy, not sure about the luck but I am pretty certain it just made my dentist luckier with my visit.  Needless to say I did eat it, and then we ventured off to eating rice, dumplings, and chicken on the stick, and stuffed buns.  We tried to walk around to see if we can make more space for food but there was no way I could stuff anything else in my belly.  I felt like I was carrying twins around, there was calligraphy, puppets and other origami tables as well.  Overall it was a busy place but the festival seemed like an intimate affair.  I will definitely try out next year and be prepared with an extra stomach so I can eat more and maybe invest in a pair of earplugs so I can save my ear drums from my friend’s exhilaration.  To some of my married friends, I am still waiting for my Red Envelope loaded with money don’t you go all cheap on me now.  All in all wishing you all success this year no matter when you decide to restart.  If you wake up breathing, see the beautiful crowds and feel the amazing sunshine on your face every day is a new beginning.

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