Gilmore girls – a memory tainted

I am not sure when was the first time I started to watch Gilmore girls, but something about it always brought back warm fuzzy memories.  Being able to tap into their lives and making them part of my day was like having a comforting blanket on a rainy cold day.  I always thought I was that token Indian person who they missed out in Stars Hollow, I mean hello did they not have a gas station in that town?  I am highly disappointed with the revival, not like Netflix really cares about what I feel about the show; but still GG is something I shared with my best friend and then something that I shared with my niece.  Watching it all over with her was a whole different experience, knowing that she is sharing and kind of living something that I had lived.  We were both extremely excited over the revival, so excited that we slept on our couch so we can wake up exactly at 3:01 a.m. on 11/25/2016 to turn Netflix on and take a trip to Stars Hollow.  After I was jolted awake by my 12 year old niece, we baked brownies, brewed a fresh pot of coffee and were ready.  Did think of ordering Chinese, pizza, bunch of chocolate and go all out with it but given the time and still burning the thanksgiving dinner we opted for two main food group – caffeine and sugar.  I thought of not watching it all at once, as I didn’t want it to end and part with the characters.  I was not ready for Stars Hollow to fade away from my life and for the realization that I might never get to go to that town again.

Maybe I am blabbering now, as I don’t want to type that I was highly disappointed in the revival, it is like someone took the cozy blanket off and in a hurry.  The idea of stuffing all the food in your mouth at the same time, you feel like you ate but can’t really taste or savor any one thing in particular.  The characters were a blur; did we really need that stupid musical in the summer time?  Did they not know that every single second of that show mattered, that we would have like to see more of Dean, Sookie, and Jackson or even a bit more of Jess rather than that lady singing who was never a part of my Gilmore memory.  Why would you bring a stranger to our house when we are about to say farewell, what good does that kind of meeting do?  There were some very dear and loving parts to the revival, like the softening of Emily and how she evolves and the whole concept of letting go and de-cluttering.  How she embraces life after Richard, he was truly missed but very well represented in the revival.  He was part of all the episodes and rightfully so.  When I initially watched the show, I never thought he would be one of the characters that I become so fond of.  Emily’s character was the one that I loved the most in the revival and truly someone who has moved from where we left.  Rest of the characters they came back more confused and left us perplexed and halfway it seems.  The ending of the show first time around, even though sudden felt more of an ending and with the thought that Rory is out there doing something big in the world was cheerful and inspiring.

I wasn’t expecting Rory to come back so fallen apart, maybe that is the reality of life; but wait wait wait this is Stars Hollow and it is magical.  We never thought Rory to be like this, she grew up with us and it surely does take a town to raise a child.  With Rory though it took the whole nation to raise her, we were anxious with her exams, felt the butterflies when she first fell in love with Dean and cried with her heartbreak over Jess.  Excited with her truly finding her prince charming with Logan and expecting it to have a happy ending, but that image and that memory was crushed.  There were parts in revival that just felt like fillers, the part where Logan plus the group comes to cheer Rory up was fun.  That was stretched a little too, but it was nice to see those boys again and live a little of Yale with them.  The wedding décor was amazing truly magical and something that a lot of women out there would love to have for their own wedding.  But wow did you just rush past that wedding? Did you all of a sudden realize that the time was coming to an end?  We didn’t even get a proper wedding, we have waited years for this but you gave us this glimpse like a cake and that we couldn’t eat.  But really WHAT WAS THAT? Then you end up dropping a bomb on us with the ending and leaving us hanging?  You said you did a revival to give us a proper goodbye but you left me with a lot of questions and anger.  I feel disheartened that you have robbed me of my Gilmore girls, you blinked and you could have missed Dean and Sookie.  Did you see Jackson flash for a heartbeat on the screen? I can understand they have moved on, but I want you to give me my memories back that you have now tainted with the revival.  You cannot leave me like this without a promise of a spin-off.  I demand to know what happens in Rory’s life next and I want a proper wedding that I can be a part of.  I know this rant reads like a pathetic lonely person writing and not having a life who associates so much with the show; but it is more like the show I watched with my sister, best friend and the memory that I shared with my niece.  The magical snowfall of Stars Hollow lost its magic and all it left us with was a sheet of coldness.  Highly disappointed in you Netflix!

Well I have added some of our Thanksgiving pictures along with this post, as everything in my life is somehow associated with food.


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