Bed has fallen – Savannah Part 1

So we did something different this year for Christmas, instead of decking the house out for Christmas and inviting Santa.  We decided to go to Savannah, and take Santa Claus on a vacation from North Pole to the balmy temps and sunny days.  I mean I am sure he is tired of all the cold and needed that burst of Vitamin D and a good strong drink to recover from all the flying around, keeping a list of who has been naughty and who has been nice.  Not to mention all the gift wrapping that he needs to supervise, all in all I think we all enjoyed the much-needed break.  This was surprisingly my first trip to Savannah, living in Atlanta before not but three hours away and currently only 5 away never made the trip.  One of my close friends said she would move there if she could and if work would allow it.  I didn’t see any appeal to it but this seemed like a close place to drive to for a long weekend.

The hotel that we picked, wait was that a motel? Not sure what it was exactly but the ratings said you will get what you pay for.  We certainly did get what cheaply we paid for, but it was an adventure something different from the usual work travel hotels.  When we reached there and got out of the car, my friend smelled the air and said “wow can you smell the air, we must be close to the river”.  I decided to take a mighty inhale to see what she was talking about, and am amazed by the smell.  A second after I look at her puckered nose and hear her say “maybe that is not the river, it is the sewage I think.” Nevertheless, we were excited for our trip so we didn’t let that smell get to us.  Checked in, got ready and headed out for drinks without having a place in mind.  Uber was our best friend for this trip, as we took it everywhere and it allowed us to drink without putting any thought about getting behind the wheel.  The start obviously was the River Street and when we got there as it was the holiday time, the streets were gorgeously decked there was live music and people dancing on the cobble stones.  That itself was enough for us to forget the work and drive exhaustion.  There were not too many places opened at that time but just enough to get us the buzz we needed and the food to soak up the fermented liquids.  Kicked off the evening at Bar Bar with a shot of black Sambuca and it was smooth, very smooth with a gentle licorice punch.  This place is lined with dollar bills all over, is underground and gives the perfect dive feeling to it.

Second stop was Wet Willie’s, as we were informed that there are many other locations in different states but this was the first one.  So, this is where all the frozen wetness of Willy started prior to spreading the chill elsewhere.  The wall is lined with machines with various flavors, and they will give you unlimited tastings.  Most will get drunk just from the tasting, the alcohol was prominent even with all the slush and syrup.  Finally deciding on the flavor, we ended up ordering wings (protein to sustain us) and flatbread (carbs to soak).  No matter how much water you drink or things you plan this will surely give you a hangover as it did us for Saturday morning.   Next stop we found as we were following two very cute looking cops, we just wanted to make sure we felt safe 😉 As we stumbled upon The Jinx we stayed there for the cute guitar player from the band that was playing.  To occupy real estate, we ended up ordering one beer each, but the bartender was in a festive spirit.  We got two shots on the house, did a few HI fives and fist bumps and acted like we totally knew what we were doing.  In the middle of acting all cool I lost my ring somewhere, to which one asked for a number to call if found and another my Facebook account to connect if he found the ring.  I never thought there would be so many guys trying to contact me with a ring LOL (okay so I laugh at my own jokes).  We were happy with the first night and took an Uber back to our very “fancy” motel.  When we did get to the bed one side of the bed was lopsided, the minute my friend decided to sleep the bed fell and all I could hear was her screaming “Bed is falling! Bed is falling!” I for once thought it was just her with all the mixed drinks, but when she tried again I could see that the bed was coming down.  That laugh was worth the stay at the crappy motel, not to mention where she yanked out the window curtains (the ones that were attached to the wall) because she wanted to make sure the window was covered.  Those were not supposed to be off the wall, they were there for show.  It was a fun an interesting first night in Savannah.  Moving to our Saturday – which was Christmas eve and held a lot of bad foods because of the lack of research on our part prior to the trip.

We woke up did the tourist thing by eating breakfast at the motel in our pajamas.  For some reason, we get excited over the rainbow colored cereal when on vacation.  Other times there is not an ounce of cereal to be found in the pantry.  Somehow the waffles are better, English muffin is more English and of course the biscuits there have no calories or fat.  We embarked on our History tour that we had signed up for from Expedia.  Wanted to make sure get to check out the history of the houses there and the squares.  I mean how can you forget the squares when you are in Savannah, practically it is built around them.  I believe we were told there were 25 in all but only 23 remain.  Each one of them gorgeous for the lack of a better term, each tree there had its own personality.  The peace felt made it feel like you are in some sort of vortex in each square living a part of the history; where everything is slow.  The tour however was a waste, as we were going from one square to another and back to the first one without any flow to it.  Some of the pictures you will see I had to take while running so I could keep up with the guide.  He went on and on about the columns of the houses and the architecture, which I think I dozed off once while standing.  My friend on the other hand aced at the pop quiz he gave, without even knowing what he was talking about.  She kept on looking at the arches when he was talking about the columns, she never fails to surprise me.  We did a little tour of the Davenport house and went back in time to experience their Christmas.  Never knew they had chamber pots to do their business at night, back home mum said you pick up a lantern and a pot and go bond with mother nature no matter what time of the night it was. After that long trip back in time we were famished so had to find a place that was open.  We found The District Café and it was a cute little place.  I mean most places in Savannah has strong artsy feel, one completely unique from another.  We ended up ordering the soup, and sandwiches, along with coffee and a chammoziee I think that is what they called it.  It was a frozen champagne drink with mango pulp.  I stuck to coffee as I had been deprived of caffeine since morning.

The soup wasn’t the best in looking however it tasted hearty and healthy.  I mean how can you go wrong with kale, broccoli, quinoa and chicken.  The sandwiches chicken panini and chicken salad on a huge croissant followed right after.  Wish they would have given us enough time to space out our food, but we did manage to finish it all.  Took a beautiful stroll around found St. John Baptist’s Church which was breathtaking.  We sat there for a good hour trying to soak it all in, they had beautiful nativity scene on one side of it, a tree made from poinsettias, not to mention the architectures, paintings and the windows are something pictures can’t capture.  This is something that one must experience in person.  We took a few pictures acted all as tourist and decided to satisfy our tummy hunger with some ice cream from Leopold’s.  That is something to be continued part two of this as my bowl of truffle mac and cheese is calling me.

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