Do we really have to leave? Savannah – Part Two

Where did we leave Savannah from our first post?  Well we didn’t leave it anywhere, because even now my heart skips and hops over to the memories of that picturesque city.  I don’t think I can ever leave Savannah behind, it will always be etched in my heart like the beautiful art that oozes out of every street and shop.  Trips like these reminds you that it is not the big technologically fancy concrete walls that warms your heart and soul, it is the vibrant colors, the historic well preserved architecture that kindles the senses in you.  It is the aroma of southern cuisine that teases your taste buds as you walk on River Street and the Historic district.  The option of walking around happily engaged in your adult beverage is a very big plus as well.  Leopold is one of the iconic places you must stop at if you are a tourist, or even if you are a local for that matter.  Even if you tried to miss it, the sweet smell will enchant and lure you in as you walk pass the shop.  The queue seems a bit longer on usual days, but moves rather quickly and one that is worth standing in.  I am not a big fan of sweet stuff or ice cream for that matter, but this one was so fresh and creamy – of course the two words everybody uses to describe it, but there is no other way of putting it.  Though it is the sweet smells that gets your attention the final product is anything but overly sweet.  You can taste the cream and the ingredients in it, rather than it putting you in sugar coma.  I stuck to the classic butter pecan, usually the simple ones done right proves the place worth (this is my excuse I suppose for not being and adventure eater); however, my friend decided to go all risqué with Rum Bisque.  I kind of regret not getting it, because the almond macaroons along with the rum infused cream were truly an exploit in your mouth.

We signed up for an amazing Christmas carol trolley, which was more fun than we expected to have.  Our charioteer on the sled had a very cute Rudolf with a blinking red nose, we were handed out antlers and lyrics to carols to sing along.  Passed through festive lighted streets of Savannah and through some of the historic sites.  We did see some in the morning, however they had a different feel and flavor at night time.  Crossed over the amazing bridge to witness the creative gingerbread houses and partake in some hot chocolate at The Westin.  Well who do we end up finding at The Westin, it is Santa Claus; I must say he does prefer a very fancy abode.  The room where he sat so merrily was decorated with multiple Christmas trees and huge wrapped gifts all in gold, red and green.  It certainly brought the kid out in us and we started taking pictures with and of him.  The ride was chilly, given how temperamental Mother Nature has been lately; however, the spirit of the holiday kept us warm and we survived the trolley.

Being it was Christmas Eve we were taking our chances with anything we saw open.   We were hoping that The Jinx would have been open today so our ears thirst would be quenched with good music and our mouth from the drinks.  However, it was not, so we roamed around a bit and gave Moonriver Brewery a chance.  The sitting place looked beautiful, you feel as if you are sitting in a magical park on a full moon next to a river.  The food and service however here sucked, this was the first time during this trip that we didn’t finish our food and we always finish food no matter what.  The beers here weren’t that great either, nothing crafty about them so I would suggest you stay far far away from this place if you are looking for a good meal and brew.  We should have followed our ears across the street to the hotel there, as it seemed to be happening.

Our next morning being Christmas, we decided to join in a horse carriage ride; after all it is such a southern thing to do.  Also, it was one of the things that was open for business on a holiday.  Some more talks of Savannah history, few more squares covered; unless you are a real history buff most of the things you will forget. Also, we had to go use the facilities and there was hardly any place open that had a bathroom that we could use.  We were told that the public bathrooms are very clean and right across from the location of the horse carriage ride.  Keeping that in mind we went and signed up, however even the bathrooms were closed on Christmas Day.  A bit shocked as we didn’t understand why public bathrooms might be closed, however all things are magical on Christmas Day so as Santa serendipitously stirred us towards Andaz we knew the reason why.  The idea here was to just use their restrooms and maybe have one drink and leave.  We situated our bottoms and ordered from their Sunday daiquiri from Eight Days of Daiquiri special holiday menu.  If the bartender wasn’t a reason enough to stay there longer, the drinks surely were.  These were one of the best I have had so far, and so that I don’t miss out on a minute at him stirring missing and creating these magical concoctions we ended up having six and made a few friends at the bar.  If they weren’t closing we would have caused some major damage to our liver, but we dejectedly called our Uber in shining armor and were safely dropped at the hotel.

Next day started with a hangover, hurriedly packing as it was time to head back.  However, we had a food tour scheduled and that is something that is always exciting.  This body needed a heavy dose of caffeine prior to making our way to the food walk so we stopped a lovely coffee shop.  My advice and of course as any smart person would think, do this tour first so you don’t go around using your brain cells in choosing a restaurant.  We regretted we missed out on many things from the list, the good thing is that it just adds to our reason to take a trip back soon.  Even after walking through and sampling a few restaurants, we were still not satisfied or ready to leave.  So of course, we decided to eat at an Italian place before hitting the road, sometimes impromptu plans are the best one.  We found this quaint little place with limited tables but known for its very authentic food.  Now I am nobody to say how authentic as I have never been to Italy, but the experience was genuine.  Our server Franco was quite the showman, flipping over a filled glass of wine without a single drop.  We were so shocked and dumbfound that like a cartoon show I had to close the mouth of my supper partner.  The food was very simple, but good ingredients and of course the wine was just right that accompanied the food.  We sat outside, listening to the church bells and live music coming from a square; the horse carriages riding by and a nice cool breeze.  A perfect way to end an amazing trip, all the while planning for the next trip back.  Savannah, I will see you again soon!




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