NC Art in Bloom

Does it ever get old for people to write or say that life got in the way?  Even when I was at home for three months between contracts I still didn’t get a chance to make my website fully functional.  I am not sure if life actually gets in the way or does Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime? I cooked up a lot and I explored a bit locally, hiked though it hardly shows that I did any kind of physical activity.  No matter how hard you try to sit and update, there will be things that are just more important outside of the virtual world.  Also, I mean it’s not like I have thousands of people waiting on an update from me.  Do you really care that I went to the spring flower event here at NCMA? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t but I have to say it was rather fascinating.  Knowing that it has been happening for the past few years and I had no idea.  So much information out there yet not enough awareness of things.  I loved the idea of conceptualizing your flower arrangement based on the painting; how interesting it was to figure out without looking which painting it belonged to.  Not surprised that I got most of them wrong, living in the world of 1’s and 0’s my imagination is highly lacking.  No matter how hard you try it is just tasking to get all the information retained of what you saw there.  The Bonsai section outside was beautiful and the patience that went into taking care of them is very respectable.  Here are some of the pictures I took there, all from my very annoying non functioning iPhone 6 Plus.  I am still in debating if I want to spend 1K on a phone that might be outdated by the next release.  Looking forward to it again next year, though next on the list is the light event happening there now. 




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