Cooking has always been a passion, maybe because I grew up in a household where everything was surrounded by food. My mum has always loved cooking up a storm, and my dad has always liked entertaining people. I however ended up having double personality, where I ended up in the IT field. Every so often my right side of the brain comes alive and has the urge to cook up a storm. I was always told by my friends and family that I have a gift of cooking and that I should pursue it professional. I get my inspiration from reading magazines, TV and cookbooks, but I can never follow a recipe or write a recipe of my own. My family has long accused me of hiding stuff from them or not telling them intentionally what or how I have cooked something. I thought why not go to a cooking school surely that will teach me the fundamentals and also how to be precise in my cooking. So after getting in to a hefty debt and months of hard work, I still am the same. I have created this blog with my cooking experiments. This will show you what I have put in the recipe but not the amounts. I feel like cooking should always be personal, flavor combinations are great but how much of which flavor fits you is entirely up to you. Use this as a color palate but mix it up to make it your own. This is also a way to use my right sided brain more before it gets rusty. Hope you guys enjoy!

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