I am a junkie, not recreational substances of course but one of books, wine, travel and photography. This blog is an attempt to do something that I enjoy, that is cooking, and taking pictures of the beauty that I am surrounded by. I am an amateur at many things but a pro at living my life to the fullest.

A Taste of Nepal

If you are in the RTP area and want a taste of some home cooked Nepali food, then you don’t have to go far.  We have one located in what is deemed as the mini India of the Triangle area – Chatham Square.  The place I am talking about here is Himalayan Nepali Cuisine, which […]


Rape terrorism

It is winesday! Surely can use a glass of vino but definitely too early.  In my mind I am sitting at a chateau somewhere in Tuscany rolling pasta and sipping a good red, but in reality I am sitting here in front of the computer and drinking mango flavored sparkling water.  Well life isn’t that […]


Detox of body and mind

Let me start off by saying, a desi uncle carrying his lunch in a VS bag was the highlight of my day.  He was totally rocking it too! I am detoxing, yes that can be very dangerous to many who know me.  I think there are some who are just not meant to detox, especially […]


Nav Yug or was it Kalyug?

Have you checked out Nuv Yug’s website to see what their mission is?  Well let me tell you what the site says – “Nuv Yug” means “new era” or “new generation”.  Allow me to ring the bell of reality here, more like shoot cannon of reality check to the organizers.  There was nothing new that […]


Friday fuse!

I think we had our own little version of sand storm here, but just with pollen today.  And I seriously feel like a weather woman every time I start my blog entry, but Mother Nature has been a little kuku lately.  I think we hopped passed spring in a pollen hurricane and landed directly in […]