I am a junkie, not recreational substances of course but one of books, wine, travel and photography. This blog is an attempt to do something that I enjoy, that is cooking, and taking pictures of the beauty that I am surrounded by. I am an amateur at many things but a pro at living my life to the fullest.

Second weekend already?

Serene Saturdays, such a lovely day it was today, sunshine after what seems like forever.  The days are getting a bit longer and maybe a little warmer, being optimistic here.  When you sit down and start typing about your life, It really does make you think about how you have spent it.  At times it also […]



Currently reading – The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi You know when people say taking the first step is the hardest, or the first sentence is the hardest to type.  In case you were wondering and had no firsthand experience, they are right when they say that.  I can talk a million words a […]