Chinese Food

Kimchi Turkey Dumplings

There is some sort of comfort in a small filled packets, be it ravioli, pot stickers, goyza,  bao, samosas – well in short all dumplings out there.  I love the act of rolling the dough and making them, as well as shaping them up.  I am not anywhere close to being an expert with the […]


Fried Rice

One of the things that I miss the most about India is the Indochinese from the street hawkers.  The food is delicious; I really don’t want to know what makes it delicious as I might not eat it after.  I have since attempted to replicate those dishes, one such dish is the simplest fried rice.  […]


Stress Noodles

I like big bowls of noodles and I can’t lie.  Noodles have always been a favorite, at the end of the hectic day; there is nothing more I want than a bowl of Maggi (Indian version of cheap ramen).  Today was just one of those days, a day where there are more meetings and nothing […]