“Just as when weaving one reaches the end with fine threads woven throughout, so is the life of humans.” ~ Buddha Goodbyes hurt the most, when the story is unfinished.  Grief is hard to put in words, going through a loss of a loved one as an adult is far different experience than one in […]

Kung Hei Fat Choi! – It’s the year of the Monkey TACAS New Year Celebration

I have to admit that turning a blog from one place to another is harder than moving a house.  Well, for some like me who have no patience it is harder.  Since the beginning of the year the higher beings are on an agenda to teach me a few lessons, mostly in trusting what comes and […]


No I am not slacking, I am actually moving!!!! Well not this week but packing has been a pain, and I keep telling my family members if I buy one more plate this year to feel free to slap me.  It is only when you pack you realized the amount of junk you have accumulated, […]