Super thinking power!

Usually people have the Sunday blues; I had the Sunday reds last night.  I also think that my power of thinking and making things happen is limited to the ability of me spilling things.  As I was sitting last night drinking my glass of red wine and watching Bones, I thought what if I drop […]


Fat Mondays!

My friend sent me this image this morning of a beautiful building, surrounded by trees lightly covered with snow.  The red of the building looked amazing in contrast to the snow, I am not sure if the building would have been so beautiful if it wasn’t for the help.  In our lives there are many […]


Ramen chronicles

Lessons I learned from a bowl of Ramen.  So there is this place that I have been pretty excited about to try.  I followed them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see when they are opening.  Let’s just say it was a big disappointment.  What I learned from the bowl, was just coz the place […]